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Frequently Asked Questions

About the activities

1Is there a minimum age or height for aerial courses?
The minimum age for participating is 3 years old. We also recommend that the child should have an adventurous personality and be a climber.

We have courses that are suitable for all age groups and our system is safe even for the smallest children.

However, due to the difficulty of certain courses, it is highly recommended to progressively work up to them.

For aerial courses:

  • Children under the age of 5 should start with the 2-foot course.
  • Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult for the 13-foot and 24-foot courses.
  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult to do the 35-foot course.

Onboard course
The minimum age is 3 years old.

Climbing wall
Recommended for children 5 years of age and older.

Inflatable games
Recommended for children 3 years of age and older.

2What is the maximum weight?
For safety reasons and due to engineering and equipment limitations, the maximum weight is 250 lbs for aerial courses.
3Do I have to accompany my child in the aerial courses? If not, do I have to pay?
Certain aerial courses require the accompaniment of an adult for children under the age of 10. (See the question “Is there a minimum age or height for aerial courses?” for details) Access to the site and to the boats is free; only the activities are paid. So, you can relax in our Adirondacks chairs, at our tables or on the boats while watching your children, for free.
4What should I bring?
It’s important to wear comfortable clothing that is suitable for outdoor sporting activities. Closed-toe shoes are required. Consider bringing sunscreen, a water bottle, gloves and a lock for our free lockers (if you don’t have a lock, don’t worry! We have paid lockers for $.50, $1 and $2 depending on the size of the locker).
5Can I take photos on the courses?
No. For everybody’s safety, no objects are permitted on aerial courses.
6Can I do the aerial courses with my baby?
No. Baby carriers, just like any other object, are strictly prohibited on aerial courses. The minimum age to enter the course is 3 years old.

Rates and reservation

1Do you have to have a reservation?
No, but we highly recommend purchasing your Voiles en Voiles tickets and booking the time and date of your visit in advance online. However, it’s still possible to show up at the site without having booked in advance.
2I booked online. What do I have to do on the day of my reservation?
  1. Show up 5 minutes before the beginning of your reservation.
  2. When you arrive at the site, you don’t have to line up! Go directly to the welcome kiosk located between the two boats.
  3. Next, you have to fill out the release form. Click here to view the text of the release form.
  4. In the following 15 minutes, we will provide you with the equipment necessary for the activity.
  5. Your time starts once you enter the course.
  6. Please respect the time of your reservation and have fun!
3If I don’t participate in the activities but I just want to watch, do I have to pay?
No. Access to the site and to the boats is free; only activities are paid. So, you can relax in our Adirondacks chairs, at our tables or on the boats while watching your children, for free.
4Can I bring in outside food, such as lunch or snacks?
Yes! You can bring lunch. We sell popcorn and smoothies on-site during the warm season, and the food trucks at the Old Port of Montréal are located right beside us. Bring a water bottle as well! There is a fountain by the bathrooms where you can refill it for free.
5Do you open if it’s raining?
We only close in the event of storms, strong wind or pouring rain. In the event of light rain, we remain open. If you have a reservation, you can change your reservation at no cost. Call us at 514-473-1458!
6How much do the activities cost?
There exist multiple rates depending on what you want to do! For the details, check out the Voiles en Voiles rates page.
7Do you offer discounts?
If you book online with the code “web5VEV” you get a 5% discount on the price of the activities. We also offer the possibility of combining your entry ticket with other attractions, such as quadricycles, paddle boats and the zipline to save money!
8Where can we store our things?
We have lockers for wallets ($0.50), backpacks ($1) as well as large lockers ($2). You can also bring your own lock.
9Can 3 children and 1 adult pay the family rate?
Yes, only 1 adult is allowed in each family group.
10Is it possible to buy gift cards or to organize groups, birthday parties or corporate activities?
Yes! Here is the information and steps to follow for school groups and day camps, birthday parties and corporate activities. For gift cards, contact us !
11Are you an Access 2 and VATL card participant?
Yes, Voiles en Voiles is an activity registered on the list of Access 2 card facilities. We are also on the VATL program list (Vignette d'Accompagnement Touristique et de Loisir). This card and list give you a 2 for 1 discount for a child with a mental disability.
12I have a reservation that I can no longer attend. What should I do?
All reservations can be changed at no cost. It can be done online 48 hours prior your reservation date or call us at 514-473-1458!


1Is it safe?
Safety is Voiles en Voiles’ number 1 priority. To make sure that everything is safe, we use one of the easiest and safest systems in the world, the Saferoller system made by Kanopeo. Our lifelines make it impossible for a participant to become detached during a course. Therefore, you don’t need to use a carabiner during the activity.

If a problem or dizziness occurs during the course, one of our team members trained for this purpose can quickly intervene at any time.
2What equipment is required?
Anybody doing aerial courses must use a harness and a helmet, which we lend to you. Our equipment is regularly inspected to ensure your safety. Because of this, we don’t let you use your own equipment. Comfortable clothing, and gloves are recommended for aerial courses. Closed-toe shoes are mandatory.
3Are there guides?
There are no specifically appointed guides, but we have multiple patrollers on-site specially trained to help you finish the course or evacuate it if needed.


1Who developed Voiles en Voiles
Voiles en Voiles was developed by the Écorécréo Group, which is specialized in developing and managing tourist attractions in Québec. Established more than 17 years ago, the Écorécréo Group is one of the leading tourist attraction management companies in Québec, with sites at the Old Port of Montréal and Parc Jean-Drapeau. With a broad range of innovative and green products specifically designed for entertainment and outdoor activities, the Écorécréo Group sells and rents different types of equipment and recreational vehicles, including quadricycles, paddle boats, Segways and electric bicycles.
2What do you do during the winter?
Given the size of the structures, the boats stay in place during the winter :) We also offer winter activities for the entire family, such as tubing, snowshoeing, archery tag, quadricycle tours, ground obstacle courses and more!
3For how long will you be there?
For the time being, we will be open until 2021!
4Are you looking for employees?
We are always looking for competent and qualified personnel for various positions including customer service, patrol team or in animation.Contact us at the following email for more information:
5Is it possible to view the release form text?
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