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Frequently Asked Questions

About the activities

1Is there a minimum age or height for aerial courses?
We have courses suitable for all ages and our system is safe even for small children..

However, because of the difficulty of some routes, it is strongly recommended to go gradually.

For aerial courses
A child under 5 years old must begin by the "Escape the Octopus" course at 2 feet.
A child under 5 years old must be accompanied by an adult for the courses at 13 and 24 feet
A child under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult for the course at 35 feet.

For all aboard couses
No minimum age.

Climbing wall
Recommended for children 5 years old or more.

Inflatable games
Recommended for children 2 years old or more.

That being said, every child is different and we even had a 5 year old girl do the 35 feet high course and have fun. Just go gradually..

2What is the maximum weight?
For reasons of security and given the limits imposed by engineering and the equipment, the maximum weight is 250 pounds for air routes.
3Do I have to accompany my child in the aerial courses? If not, do I have to pay?
Access to the site and the ships is free, you only pay for participating in the activities. So you can relax in our Adirondack chairs, on our picnic tables or on the boats while watching your kids, for free.

However, depending on the age of children, some activities might require the support of an adult. For more details, please read the answer to the question: "Is there a minimum age or height for aerial courses?"

Rates and reservation

1Where can we store our belongings?
We have lockers for your wallets ($ 0.50), lockers for your backpacks ($ 1) and we have big lockers ($ 2). You can also bring your own padlock.
2Can you be 3 children and 1 adult for a family package?
Yes, there should be at least 1 adult among the lot.
3Is it necessary to reserve?
It is highly recommended to buy your tickets and to reserve the time and date of your visit ahead of time, since it can get busy during the summer days.
4Is it possible to buy gift certificates?
Yes, you can do so on the "Rates" page of the website. After choosing the product that you want to give, you have the option to offer it as a gift certificate. For a more specific request, please contact us at
5Are you a partner of Acces 2 and VATL cards?
Yes, Voiles en Voiles is an activity registered in the list of places for the Acces 2 programs. We are also present in the list of Tourist and Leisure Companion Sticker. This card and this sticker assure a 2 to 1 discount for a child with a mental handicap and his/her companion.


1Is it safe?
Safety is our number 1 priority at Voiles en Voiles.To ensure safety, we use one of the easiest and safest systems in the world, Saferoller from the company Kanopeo. Our life lines make it impossible for a participant to become detached during the course.

If a problem or sudden feeling of dizziness happens to occur during the course, one of the members of our team, trained for this purpose, can quickly intervene at any time.
2What is the required equipment?
Anyone who enter the courses must have a harness and a helmet that we give you. You can not bring your own equipment. We highly recommend that you wear closed shoes (like running shoes) for the aerial courses.


1Who developed Voiles en Voiles
Voiles en Voiles is a company related to Groupe Écorécréo, which specializes in the development and management of tourist attractions in Quebec. Founded over 17 years ago, the Groupe Écorécréo is one of the largest developer and manager of tourist attractions in Quebec, including, among others, locations at the Old Port of Montreal, Jean-Drapeau Park, Quebec city and at Forillon National Park.
2What do you do during the winter?
Given the size of the structures, the ships remain on site during the winter. We are considering several options at this time to use the ships during the winter.
3For how long will you be there?
We have a 5-year lease with the Old Port of Montreal.
4Are you open if it rains?
We only close in case of storms, high winds or heavy rain. If there is only some light rain, we remain open.
5Are you looking for employees?
We are always looking for competent and qualified personnel for various positions including customer service, patrol team or in animation.Contact us at the following email for more information:
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