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Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush, to overcome your fears of heights or simply to spend some quality time with your family or your friends, family quality time or friends,
Voiles en Voiles offers a whole range of activities to entertain children and adults alike.

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The aerial adventure courses

Escape the octopus

Specially designed for toddlers, the "Escape the Octopus" course allows children to get used to the harness and the games. Will they be able to escape the octopus?


You have been accused of Mutiny aboard the pirate ship and you are forced to "walk the plank"!

Scouting mission

You are a member of the royal guard and you are given a mission to spy on these evil pirates!

Sabotage Mission

As head of the royal guard, you are given a mission to sabotage the sails of the pirate ship! Will you be able to complete the mission and return to the royal ship?

Red Beard Mission

The fiercest of all opponents at Voiles en Voiles, Captain Red Beard is perched on top of the masts. Will you have the courage to face him?

All aboard mission

Will you go all aboard and throw yourself in the air to attack the rival's ship?

Climbing Wall

Climb the wall of the pirate ship to the summit using one of four paths.

Inflatable games

Stay in our world of royalty and piracy by jumping into our themed inflatable games.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum age or height for aerial courses

We have courses suitable for all ages and our system is safe even for small children..

However, because of the difficulty of some routes, it is strongly recommended to go gradually.

For aerial courses
A child under 5 years old must begin by the "Escape the Octopus" course at 2 feet.
A child under 5 years old must be accompanied by an adult for the courses at 13 and 24 feet
A child under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult for the course at 35 feet.

For all aboard couses
No minimum age.

Climbing wall
Recommended for children 5 years old or more.

Inflatable games
Recommended for children 2 years old or more.

That being said, every child is different and we even had a 5 year old girl do the 35 feet high course and have fun. Just go gradually..

What is the maximum weight?

For reasons of security and given the limits imposed by engineering and the equipment, the maximum weight is 250 pounds for air routes.

Do I have to accompany my child in the aerial courses? If not, do I have to pay?

Access to the site and the ships is free, you only pay for participating in the activities. So you can relax in our Adirondack chairs, on our picnic tables or on the boats while watching your kids, for free.

However, depending on the age of children, some activities might require the support of an adult. For more details, please read the answer to the question: "Is there a minimum age or height for aerial courses?"

Do we need to make a reservation?

No. We only take reservations for kids birthday parties or for groups of more than 15 persons. Otherwise, just come and see us!