Who is Voiles en Voiles for?

The park has been designed to entertain both families with children and adults that love intense experiences.
With courses at different heights and difficulty levels, we are proud to offer an experience that’s fun for adults and children alike!


If you come as a family, we have activities that will be fun for everyone regardless of their age. We are proud to offer an experience that’s equally fun for parents and children. Below are the options for the entire family:

  • Two 2-foot high courses for young children (Green dot): Escape the Octopus and Mousse Overboard
  • A 13-foot high beginner course to get used to the height (Green dot): Scouting Mission
  • A 35-foot high beginner course to enjoy the view (Green dot): Recon Route
  • Four intermediate courses (Blue Square): Mutiny, Cannoneers, Apprentice Sailors, and Master Shipbuilder (Via Ferrata)
  • One expert courses (Black Diamond): Sabotage Mission
  • One zipline
  • A climbing wall with 4 levels of difficulties
  • 7 interrelated inflatable games, 1 inflated water game, 1 huge inflatable slide
  • A merry-go- round for young children
  • A 3D immersive movie theatre



If you like intense sensations and want an adrenaline-filled experience, here are a few examples of the activities that you can do:

  • One EXTREME aerial course 35 feet high (Double Black Diamond): Red Beard Mission
  • One expert courses (Black Diamond): Sabotage Mission
  • Four intermediate courses (Blue Square): Mutiny, Cannoneers, Apprentice Sailors and Master Shipbuilder (Via Ferrata)
  • Two easier courses to get used to the height (Green Dot): Scouting Mission and Recon Route
  • A climbing wall with 4 levels of difficulty
  • A practice archery range

What can you do?

Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush, to overcome your fears of heights or simply to spend some quality time with your family or your friends, family quality time or friends,
Voiles en Voiles offers a whole range of activities to entertain children and adults alike.

The aerial adventure courses

Escape the octopus

Specially designed for toddlers, the "Escape the Octopus" course allows children to get used to the harness and the games. Will they be able to escape the octopus?

15 minutes

Scouting mission

You are a member of the royal guard and you are given a mission to spy on these evil pirates!

15 minutes

Powder monkeys

Use your upper body strength and your contortionist skills to prove you have what it takes to work your way up.

15 minutes

Scouting stroll

Go and observe the enemy and the surroundings from the top of the masts.

15 minutes


You have been accused of Mutiny aboard the pirate ship and you are forced to "walk the plank"!

15 minutes

The gunnery

Take control of the ship’s cannons! Will you have the courage to attack royalty?

15 minutes

Master caulker (via ferrata)

Descend and navigate the side of the royal ship’s hull. Is it still watertight?

15 minutes

Sabotage Mission

As head of the royal guard, you are given a mission to sabotage the sails of the pirate ship! Will you be able to complete the mission and return to the royal ship?

15 minutes

Red Beard Mission

The fiercest of all opponents at Voiles en Voiles, Captain Red Beard is perched on top of the masts. Will you have the courage to face him?

25 minutes

All aboard mission

Will you go all aboard and throw yourself in the air to attack the rival's ship?

1 minute

Climbing Wall

Climb the wall of the pirate ship to the summit using one of four paths.

Inflatable games

Stay in our world of royalty and piracy by jumping into our themed inflatable games.

The Ville-Marie Village

Who said inflatable games are only for kids?! Come and get lost in the brand new Ville-Marie village, where you can jump, go around obstacles, slide, and even learn a little about the history behind this French village founded in 1750.

7 interrelated inflatable games

Jump, slide and explore the 7 inflatable buildings of the Ville-Marie village, all connected to each other, including the church, the school, the bank, the stable, the general store, the blacksmith shop and the hostel.

Recommended age

Recommended 2 years and up.

King Croco and Water Castle

After having tried several times to escape from the giant King Croco, go cool off in the moat of the fortified castle. Although wearing a swimsuit is preferable, it is not mandatory to have one to enjoy the water game.

Pirates Movie Theatre

An immersive 3-D movie experience where spectators are transported into the heat of the action with moving seats that follow the events on the screen and visual and sound effects that amplify the realism of the experience.