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About Voiles en Voiles

Voiles en Voiles


Voiles en Voiles

The Royal ship transports you to the King's universe! Its large sails will allow you to throw yourself in the air towards the pirate ship! But be careful! You represent the King and must act accordingly.

Voiles en Voiles


Voiles en Voiles

Our Pirate ship is quite majestic! With its 3 sails, 3 floors and an impressive climbing wall, you will quickly be immersed in the world of pirates. It will serve as a starting point for many of our courses. Time to launch an attack on the Royal ship!


Safety is our number 1 priority at Voiles en Voiles.

To ensure safety, we use one of the easiest and safest systems in the world, Saferoller from the company Kanopeo. Our life lines make it impossible for a participant to become detached during the course.

If a problem or sudden feeling of dizziness happens to occur during the course, one of the members of our team, trained for this purpose, can quickly intervene at any time.

Our involvement in the community

The Leucan Journey

The Leucan Journey, powered by Voiles en Voiles is a thrilling, challenging and slightly competitive event catered for individuals willing to push their limits while contributing to the recovery and the well-being of cancer-stricken children and their families. A wonderful challenge to take on!

Hosting Help Service of St-Denis

The St-Denis Hosting Help Service welcomes homeless youth in difficulty. A team of professionals offer them individual support in the implementation of personal strategies to improve their autonomy and their responsibility. Voiles en Voiles gives $ 1 for each family package purchased.

The team behind Voiles en Voiles