The Pirates Festival | Voiles en Voiles


Every weekend from September 14th to October 14th, participate in the first Pirates Festival, an exclusivity of Voiles en Voiles!
New activities, events, prizes, surprises and more! It is an invitation for the whole family on Saturdays and Sundays from 10pm to 6pm!

Become a pirate apprentice

Twice a day, the Pirate Academy will offer classes to learn to speak like a real pirate! The pirate captain John Dubois will give lessons with swords ... inflatable ones!

Exceed yourself to prove your worth

Adventurers will be invited to take part in the "Pirathlon". This activity will consist of a series of slightly crazy events that will test participants' addresses in the aerial courses and climbing wall. All children 14 years old and under who pass the various events will receive a free entry for a visit to Voiles en Voiles!

Show your creative side

Captain of the explorers Charles d'Iberville and his second Esméralda de la Hochelaga will invite the apprentice explorers to a colouring workshop and a unique thematic do-it-yourself workshop. In addition, a makeup station will be arranged for the pleasure of all!

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An event for the whole family on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 6pm!

Pirate Captain
John Dubois
Take part in the festivities with our two captains! Captain Explorer
Charles d'Iberville